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American Oil

Premium private label products!

Amazing products

American Oil & Supply Co. LLC is a premium private label product that exceeds industrial, commercial, and agriculture standards for lubricants. There are over 300 quality lubrications and formulas provided by this company and we are proud to partner up with them and their over 100 years of experience serving the lubricant industry.

• AOS HD 15W-40 engine oil

• AOS 5W-30 synthetic blend engine oil

• AOS PREMIUM AG tractor fluid plus

• AOS AW-32  ISO-32 hydraulic fluid

• AOS AW-46  ISO-46 hydraulic fluid

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You can count on us to provide all your American Oil needs. Whatever your needs, you can contact us to learn more about what we can do for you and what American Oil products we have to offer!

More amazing stock!

• AOS AW-68  ISO-68 hydraulic fluid

• AOS DEXRON 111/Mercon ATF

• AOS HD 80W-90 gear lube

• AOS HD 85W-140 gear lube

• AOS NLGI #2 blue grease

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Working in the industry since 1981! We have experience you can count on!

Get top-of-the-line premium private label products from Lorett Oil Co. to keep your machines running right!

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